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Serving 30 years as a support system for three branches (Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard), I know there are so many topics, situations, and ordeals that we face over the years. We cover topics ranging from education to finances, moving to insurance.  I hope you find a gem in the sand while you are here.  Please reach out if you do not as that is something we would love to cover to help others like you.

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No matter what branch you represent, collectively, we represent the finest military force in the world.  As spouses, family members, and significant others, we are entrusted with the biggest duty – support.  However, often times that means we are thrusted into situations that are unfamiliar territory. If you can contribute information on any topics we cover, we would love to work with you.

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Spouses are the first line of support.  It is important that we have the critical information to make informed decisions so our service member can complete their jobs worry-free.  We provide information and tips (as well as other non-military information) to help you when they cannot.

Military Spouses


Children are often proud, yet confused of their parent’s important job. Our goal is to give parents information that helps from infants to college on topics ranging from potty training to activities to scholarships.

Service Members

Being separated from family is no easy task.  Our goal is to partner with organizations that focus on providing information to make it a smooth transition from work to home and eventually back into the civilian world.

service members

About the Founder

As a daughter to an Air Force fighter pilot, wife to a Boatswain Mate in the Coast Guard, and sister to an Infantryman in the Army, I know the challenges we face each and every day. With a background in education and technology, and as a real estate broker in western Washington,  families needs are my focal point.

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