7 Life-Changing Essentials for Every Pregnant Woman Under $20

If anyone knows me, it is that I am the RESEARCH queen. I am not an impulse buyer AT ALL. I have to research everything, comb through reviews, check every little thing about a product to see if I really need it. 

This is great for you because I have done all of the legwork – as I do in all my posts – so that you can see what products are really worth it.  Trust me! I am the queen of budgets.

All of the products below I own or have personally tried and want to share my goodies with you because 10 months of pregnancy can really weigh on you especially if your husband is gone.

Seven of the items are under $20 (I did put two items over $20 for a total of 9 items, but I believe you will agree with me that they are worth it).

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Pregnant Gadgets

As a teacher, I was trained to not drink very much.  Why?  Because that means bathroom breaks, which is difficult to do with a classroom full of students.  So I lived a perpetual life of dehydration unfortunately.  My husband would get on me always – how much water did you drink?  Well, then he surprised me with these infuser cups (mine are blue, orange, and green).  One of my favorite gifts ever.  I drink more from straw cups one, and two, when fruit is added (my favorite is strawberries).  Definitely worth the two cups of coffee it takes to buy these. 

If you are pregnant during the summer (which in Georgia is like March – November), this is a must-have for those that live in states that get above 80 degrees. I was that person that froze, and my friends made fun of me for wearing ear-muffs (so many in different colors).  Fast-forward, pregnant in GA, and I realize the heat of the sun, and I AM miserable.  This towel is amazing because you wet it, snap it, and it keeps you cool around your neck.

So continuing on that hot streak – at about 6 months, I started blacking out.  Multiple health tests later – it was just pregnancy in yes HOT GA.  I found this beauty in Wal-Mart.  I fill it up with water, and I MAKE SURE I have it in my purse wherever I go.  When I feel hot, I take that bad boy out and mist away.  I mean, I am walking around with this big belly, who cares what I look like! Seriously, invest in this – they are like $4.

Call me crazy, but there is nothing worse when that itchy time happens and you have a basketball in your stomach and can’t reach anything. Every woman needs a back scratcher.  If you are lucky, check your local Dollar Tree to pick one of these up.  Seriously, one of the cheapest items to keep next to the bed. 

This one I wish I would have known about at about Week 20.  I went to a chiropractor after 6 years because my back was just in so much pain, and you should not use regular over the counter products (like those that end in Hot or similar).  He put this on my neck and back – WOW!! It is all natural – so it is safe and boy is it worth it.  This is the big one, BUT you can get a roll-on for under $10.

Pregnant Reading Material

This is a great read for any first time mom.  I am pregnant with my second child (they are going to be 5 years apart), and I find it great to refresh on all of the “joys” the second time around.  It is a great reference from all those little twinges of pain to fetal movements.  It answers many questions that you are wanting to search the Internet for – check here first.


palazzo pants - pregnancy

I don’t know about you, but I HATE spending money that ultimately does not have long term value (unless it is vacations or things that will create memories).  Maternity clothes fall into this category.  Now, I will say that for a professional career, I was able to use these before and during pregnancy.  These are the beautiful creation known as Palazzo Pants.  These can be found at Cato for around $17.  However, TJ-Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross often have them on their racks if you are lucky.  I love the color combinations and patterns and the fit with that growing tummy.

Over $20

As a pregnant teacher on my feet, I can tell you that the first thing I had to invest in were some comfortable shoes that were also cute.  I LOVE my Blowfish slip-ons so much I was so excited when I saw that I did not have to travel to the shoe store any longer because Amazon carries them.  I have plenty of black shoes, but I find grey are always hard to find. 

Now while this one is over $20, this is by far one you do not want to wait to purchase.  Having support for that growing belly is essential and helps especially if you are a back or stomach sleeper to keep you on your side. The jersey knit is comfy that even my 4 year-old wants to lay in it all the time.  I did a lot of research and I am very happy with this pregnancy pillow. 

Do you have any essentials you ABSOLUTELY needed when you were pregnant?  Share with my pregnant ladies and their friends below in the comments.

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