Agent Partners

We help you move forward!

No matter where orders take you, we have amazing partners that not only help you navigate through the ins-and-outs of your move, but they have lived the life and have been in your shoes, from helping coordinate your current home sale to finding your new home at your next location, know you are in good hands.

Don't Miss Out on Any New Tips and Information to Make Your Next Military Move a Success!


All of our partners have been vetted to ensure they have military affiliation, provide above and beyond client services and understand the ins-and-outs of military moves, plus receive a credit back at closing!*

Here are a few of our agent partners across the country:

Stephen SKakandy

North Carolina

Maria Lewis

Kentucky - Tennessee

Cayleigh Gibbons Hall

Washington DC / Maryland

Valerie Ellers

Georgia - Florida

Jimmy Awalt


Chris Norton

New Jersey

Megan Blankenship

Washington State

Jenya Erb

South Carolina

Ashley Alexander

North Carolina

Danielle Trejo

Washington State

Jenn Hamilton

Washington State

Carrie Meehan


Amy Rogers

North Dakota

Michael Robb


Tara Mahrer


Ashley Esposito

Washington State

Amy Petersen Brown

North Carolina

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*”Credit Back” to be honored only where allowed by law, not all states allow credits paid to buyers and/or sellers at closing.