The Secret to Coping with PTSD

PTSD Secret

Dogs are widely utilized to assist men and women who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. There are a number of specific reasons why dogs can help heal a person afflicted with PTSD. Dogs are Vigilant in Watching Over Their Owners One of the reasons dogs can assist in coping with PTSD arises from the fact that they are truly vigilant. Researchers have concluded that the vigilance of a dog, in relationship to his or her owner, is akin to soldiers and the buddy system in the military. *This post may contain affiliate links – if you purchase something from this post, I receive a small commission with NO extra cost to you. To see my full disclosure click here. Thanks for supporting us! A person who has a nightmare with a dog in the room can better appreciate the level of vigilance associated with a canine. When […]

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7 Life-Changing Essentials for Every Pregnant Woman Under $20

7 Pregnancy Essentials Under $20

If anyone knows me, it is that I am the RESEARCH queen. I am not an impulse buyer AT ALL. I have to research everything, comb through reviews, check every little thing about a product to see if I really need it.  This is great for you because I have done all of the legwork – as I do in all my posts – so that you can see what products are really worth it.  Trust me! I am the queen of budgets. All of the products below I own or have personally tried and want to share my goodies with you because 10 months of pregnancy can really weigh on you especially if your husband is gone. Seven of the items are under $20 (I did put two items over $20 for a total of 9 items, but I believe you will agree with me that they are worth […]

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How to Stay Physically Stable During a PCS

Keeping it together during a PCS

“Wait. What’s a PCS?” That was me almost twenty years ago when my husband suggested we get married during his PCS from Alaska to Florida. Oh, young and ignorant me … back when military speak was not a part of my world. I have come to truly love and appreciate so many amazing and wonderful things about military life. But PCSing, otherwise known as Permanent Change of Station, otherwise known as moving all your household goods and family to a different military base, is not one of them. I am about 17 years into married life. I married my husband, and I married the Air Force way of life. As someone who grew up in the same house her entire life, I was rather fascinated by the concept of moving often and excited about all the opportunities. And to be honest, I still get excited about new homes and new […]

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