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My Charleston Story

In 2004, when I was fresh out of high school, I made the best decision to attend college in one of the most historic cities in the United States – Charleston.

Driving up to my dorm, the first thing I saw was…BOYS! And no, not from the college because the College of Charleston has a crazy girl to guy ratio in favor for the guys, but the Citadel boys in their uniforms.

You guys know I am a military brat, so it should be no surprise that I am a sucker for those uniforms.

Beyond that, I experienced four years of all the treasures Charleston has to offer. It is a beautiful city with amazing food, sights, history, and opportunities.

So much so that I have been dying to get stationed there again. Why? My husband and I met while he was on the now decommissioned Dallas.

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We love visiting the city so much we had to take our oldest daughter A.S. to see mommy’s alma mater (College of Charleston)

A at the College of Charleston

That was her when she was 18 months walking across the historic Cistern (4.5 years ago).

College of Charleston

Charleston’s Popularity

Many popular movies and tv shows have used the beautiful landscape within their filming.  The Notebook took place downtown off King Street (the part where they lay down on the street as teenagers) and Broad Street (where Noah is on the bus and sees Allie) as well as Boone Hall Plantation.

Dear John and The Patriot both have scenes at the Cistern on the College of Charleston’s campus – I actually walked across the grassy part for my college graduation. Even Die Hard With a Vengeance features the old Cooper River Bridge.

The popular drama television series Army Wives was filmed on the old Navy Base (interestingly enough).

There are countless more, but it goes to show what the city has a lot to offer.

Charleston Travel Guide


Travel Plans

I highly recommend Charleston for anyone who wants a classy city with a lot of great restaurants, historic preservation, and things to do.  It is hard to make a comprehensive list as there are so many things that did not even make this list (such as the Charleston Children’s Museum, found downtown).Charleston Children's Museum

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Have you visited Charleston?  What was your favorite hotel, restaurant, or thing to do?  Let us know in the comments below!

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With three decades of military support, Kelsey’s mission is to help new and existing military families in their unique adventures through all military topics including PCSing, budgeting, school choice and rights, housing, and especially just being a military spouse.

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