Tips When Traveling With Your Infant

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When I was 19, I traveled to Spain with my family for a family vacation.  The first leg was with my step-mother and two-year-old sister from Atlanta to England.  When we went to de-board the plane, my sister fell out right there in the aisle – full out wailing, and complete humiliation for me!

My stepmother walked right off the plane.

And there I was. Like a cat herder – railing it in.

If that is not natural birth control, I don’t know what is.

I vowed that I would do everything I could to have a plan with my own children. Yes, I know you are laughing because plans usually go out the window with children.

However, traveling seems to go smoother when we can plan – no matter what happens after that.

Luckily, I have traveled with both of my children as infants and luckily learned some things along the way.

1. Have an FAA Approved Car Seat

If you are flying when traveling with a newborn or infant, you have two choices with the airlines, travel with the baby on your lap or purchase an extra seat. 

Now I know budgets are slim, but if you can – purchase the extra seat.  My father is a pilot, so I have traveled a lot.

Turbulence is unpredictable, and it can be very dangerous.  Just like there are crazy drivers, well there are crazy pockets of air up there.

If baby is secure in an FAA approved car seat, there is no worries that you or your spouse, or even big sister (like me), has to secure baby.

2. Wear Your Baby

Another great investment is a sling or baby carrier.  This gives you free hands to pull luggage, hold another child’s hand, or if you cannot buy an additional plane ticket – keep baby secure on you.

You can wear baby on an airplane, hiking, on a ferry ride, and on trains.  Baby wearing has become real popular, but actually is an old tradition in many cultures.

Many find that wearing their baby when they travel allows baby to be close to the heart, which helps them stay calm and sleep while in motion – mimicking that feeling in the womb.

My oldest daughter and I were in Disney for Christmas, and I saw so many moms wearing their babies.  This is a brilliant way to lose the stroller and keep baby close. 

I have tried several on, and must tell you to be sure to find one that supports your back and is breathable if you are traveling somewhere hot!

3. Travel with a Breast Pump

The best part about breastfeeding is the convenience – no heating or cooling bottles, or bottles period.

However, it is unsafe to take a baby out of it’s car seat during transit.

My husband was driving us from Orlando to South Georgia, and a car next to us slammed on his brakes causing several cars to react and wreak. 

In seconds, accidents can happen.  The safest thing to do is stop somewhere safe, or if necessary, feed the baby while he/she is secure with a bottle.  

Many airports have implemented breastfeeding rooms for you to feed/pump with privacy.  This would be a handy time to use it.

Do you not have one yet? Do you need an extra one?

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4. Backpacks Make Great Baby Bags

So I had a great weekender bag with a cute purple pattern that I could fit all my baby stuff into (actually for both kids and myself).

However, after about..oh 8 trips, I was juggling a weekender bag on my shoulder, a baby on the other (or in my front carrier), trying to hold my other child’s hand, and rolling a suitcase. 

Just imagine that image – you have all seen THAT single mom traveling.

Yep, that was me!

Well, I am here to tell you that I purchased another beautiful turquoise and grey flowered backpack (just as cute), but it is SO much more functional. 

I can place all of my 5 year old’s extra clothes, all my 7 month old’s essentials, bottles, a book or tablet for me, a wristlet with my ID and credit cards, and my phone. No purse, no diaper bag – my handy dandy all-in-one bag.

Also, if you do, invest in one that has multiple compartments. To stay organized, of course.

5. Have a Baby Travel Kit

Besides packing for yourself and older children, be sure to pack a travel kit (in your backpack) for baby.

Include diapers, wipes, pacifiers (if used), bottles, your Tricare breast pump, breast cover for when it allows, baby blankets (I prefer Muslin ones), baby food and spoon, teethers, and some soft baby toys.

I usually pack all bottles and baby food in a small insulated lunch box with an ice pack to keep them chilled.

What you pack will depend on the age of your newborn or infant, but be sure to include extras until you can access your baggage.

This also helps if you are traveling by car, train, or ferry.

6. Travel with Bottles

Many moms choose to wear their babies.  However, many airlines expect you to take your baby out of the carrier for take-off and landing.

When you are flying, air pressure in the cabin changes during take-off and landing.

This can be irritable for babies ears.

While children and adults can chew gum, babies cannot.  This is why sucking on a nipple during these two events can help alleviate that problem.

Depending on the mom, it may be easier to provide your child with your pumped milk than trying to take off the carrier.

If your baby is a bottle drinker, try to time a bottle (even if it is a small one) around take-off and landing.

If your baby breastfeeds, that breast pump from 1 Natural Way will come in handy here since you will have a bottle ready that you or your spouse (or even big sister again) can feed.

This also helps if you have just fed recently but need baby to suck to prevent popping in the ears.

Do you have any travel tips for my readers, leave it in the comments below.

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