Military Travel Discounts

A growing number of businesses in the travel industry honor U.S. service women and men by providing them with some pretty outstanding military travel discounts.

What is presented here is only a sampling of what currently is available from some of the major players in the travel industry when it comes to discounters for military service personnel.

Keep in mind that oftentimes these companies not only have discounts for military service women and men currently on active duty but they also have programs for vets as well.

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Sandals is a travel industry leader when it comes to all-inclusive travel packages. Sandals resorts are located at luxurious tropical destinations.

At this time, Sandals is offering military service personnel with an across the board benefit. Active military service women and men get 10 percent off of any Sandals package. This discount applies to those packages that are already discounted.

In addition to a discount on all Sandals packages, different Sandals destinations oftentimes have special perks available for military service personnel. The company publicizes its ongoing commitment to thanking our troops for their service to our nation.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines is a travel industry leader when it comes to cruises. Norwegian Cruise Lines is also committed to honoring out troops.

The company offers active military service personnel with an array of different discounts on its multitude of cruises each year. Benefits include discounts on nearly every cruise the company offers throughout the course of any given year.

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers military service personnel added on-board benefits as well. These benefits for military service women and men and their families are in addition to discounts on cruise prices.

These different perks and benefits vary from one cruise to another.

Westgate Resorts

Westgate Resorts has consistently been dedicated to supporting the men and women who serve our nation in the armed services. Westgate Resorts rightly refers to these brave people as “our nation’s greatest heroes.”

Westgate Resorts offers a special discount packager to all military service personnel. Men and women from the U.S. armed forces receive special 10 percent military travel discount at any Westgate property.

The Westgate Resort discount program is one of the easiest to access and use in the travel industry. All a person needs to is make note that he or she is a member of the armed services when making a reservation and the discount automatically is applied. At the time of check-in, a service member need only present his or her military ID.

All Westgate Resort properties participate in the military discount program. Westgate has spectacular five-star resorts located across the United States.

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AARP is well-known for the array of discounts offered to its members. Veterans are not forgotten by the AARP as the organization offers many specialized programs for vets and their families. These include access to a variety of travel discounts.

There are AARP members who are still on active duty. As a result, the organization has additional discount travel benefits for men and women on active duty as well, benefits that extend to their families.


Expedia is one of the largest comprehensive online travel services in operation today. Expedia provides a full spectrum of travel services, including booking air travel, hotel rooms, and so forth.

Expedia is also home to an array of travel bargains available in all sectors. Through Expedia, members of the military service can access an array of different types of travel discounts. These discounts include everything from airfare to lodgings and other travel related benefits.

Disney Resorts and Cruises

Over the course of many years, the Disney Company has been highly supportive of women and men in uniform. This remains the case today, including when it comes to special deals available from Disney at its resorts and on its cruises.

Members of the military service can obtain discounts for stays at any of the many Disney resort properties in the United States and elsewhere around the world. This includes discounts on lodging, admission to attractions, and many other offerings at a Disney resort property. A person on active duty, and his or her family, can also receive discounts on Disney package vacations. Want to see how one family was able to enjoy Disney on a budget? Click here.

In addition to discounts at resorts, Disney also offers military benefits on its cruises as well. Members of the military forces can obtain healthy discounts on the prices of cruise packages.

Many other enterprises in the travel industry offer discounts, special packages, and other benefits to military service personnel. When a member of the armed forces is planning a trip, it is always wise to ask what discounts or benefits may be available to a service member.

Wyndham Armed Forces Vacation Club

In order to honor men and women in the military service, Wyndham created the Armed Forces Vacation Club. The Armed Forces Vacation Club is open to all active members of the military branches.

One of the unique benefits offered via the Armed Forces Vacation Club is special access to Space-A stays. Space-A allows people, including families, rental options at travel destinations.

Military service personnel have access to $349 for weeklong Space-A stays in rental properties at different locations across the country. This truly represents one of the most affordable lodging options in the industry.

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