Moving and PCSing

Resources helping military families with information in everyday topics in everyday ways.

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Moving Library

PCS Notebook Checklist

A comprehensive guide to ensure your PCS Notebook is complete.


Moving Guide

Guides and checklists when moving from one residence to another.


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Military Move Credits

Using one of our Military Move Network agents provides you an expert on VA and a closing cost credit to use as you see fit.

Plan Your Trip

Plan your road trip with sites, hotels, and guides that will guide you on the route you choose.




Homebuyer's Guide

A guide outlining the buying process and what to expect when you go to buy a home in Washington state, provided by the Kelsey and Jorge Real Estate Team.




Military Move Network Map

Unit Information

Look for starter information for your particular location within your branch including housing, colleges, and school districts and REALTOR partners.


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Partners We Work With

All of our housing partners are prior military/military spouses that understand the complexities of military moves. When you use one of our vetted partners, you will receive not only exceptional customer service, but a closing cost credit – money in your pocket! 

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