Seattle Quick Guide

Sleepless in Seattle, Grey’s Anatomy, Frasier, An Officer and a Gentleman.

All cinemSpace Needle Seattleatic or television  that may come to mind when you think of the beautiful city of Seattle. 

It could be the Space Needle, the Puget Sound, Starbucks, or Pike Place.  Whatever it is, Seattle has many treasures within the beautiful city that is known for it’s rainy weather. Surrounded by mountains, water, and forests, many locals enjoy the scenery of this Washington town.

Becoming a local? You can benefit from different services found at the Seattle Government website found here.

The Quick Guide below is a list that will help you navigate the city on your next vacation or upcoming move to the city. 


Ferry boat riding is a MUST.  Take a trip to Bainbridge Island, Kingston, or Bremerton.


Bainbridge Island

However, in downtown Seattle, you must check out a few places.  The Space Needle has multiple things to do for couples and families.  Pike Market has an assortment of vendors and restaurants to check out.Save

Pike Market

There is a hidden alley, I like to call the “Gum Wall.” It is one of those things you see once and go “Okay, I’ve seen it!”


Gum Wall


The Quick Guide below is a list that will help you navigate the city on your next vacation or upcoming move to the city. 


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The Great Wheel

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