What Is A Settlement Statement?

A settlement statement, also known as a closing statement or HUD-1 (Housing and Urban Development-1) form in the United States, is a document used in real estate transactions to outline the details of a property sale. It provides a summary of all the financial transactions that occur between the buyer and the seller during the closing process.

settlement statement

The settlement statement typically includes details such as the purchase price, loan amount, down payment, closing costs, and any adjustments or credits related to the transaction. It also outlines the distribution of funds among the parties involved, including the buyer, seller, real estate agents, and lenders.

Settlement Statement Example
Settlement Statement Example
settlement statement

The purpose of the settlement statement is to provide a transparent breakdown of all the costs and payments associated with the real estate transaction. It is usually prepared by the closing agent or settlement agent and is reviewed and signed by both the buyer and the seller at the closing of the sale. The form may vary by location, and different countries or regions may have their own specific documentation for closing real estate transactions.

settlement statement

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