3 Things That Make the Military Community Awesome Entrepreneurs

Military entrepreneurs

The military community has the exact skills needed to be successful entrepreneurs and throughout my time working with them, I have learned three simple things that make this group business savvy. These skills not only make military community entrepreneurs successful, but it also sets them apart from the competition. The military community supports each other. Due to deployments, close-quarter living, and the struggles that military life can bring, military spouses, service members, and veterans are a tight-knit community.  Their experiences bond them and as a result, they support each other. From helping out a fellow military spouse by picking up a gallon of milk from the store, to purchasing from veteran-owned businesses, the military community is the first to take pride in supporting their friends and fellow community members. 2.  They know when to step it up. The military community is not afraid to say that they can’t do everything […]

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