Are You Picking the Right School – A FREE Analysis

Ahhhh, PCS season. Boxes, trucks and general chaos are everywhere. If you have school-age children, it’s also time to find your next awesome school. While the military will tell you when and where to go, finding a school is almost 100% on you. There are a lot of choices out there, but the first step to finding the perfect school is to narrow down your choices. Public or Private? This is the first main question to tackle. Let’s walk through the basics about both public and private schools to help get you started. Public Schools Every county, city, and town have public school systems. They are organized differently in different locations, usually by county, parish, town or region. Most districts will have three to four levels of schools: primary (PK-2), elementary (K-5/6), middle (5/6-8), high (9-12). These different groupings will be spread across three to four different buildings Some districts […]

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