7 Life-Changing Essentials for Every Pregnant Woman Under $20

If anyone knows me, it is that I am the RESEARCH queen. I am not an impulse buyer AT ALL. I have to research everything, comb through reviews, check every little thing about a product to see if I really need it.  This is great for you because I have done all of the legwork – as I do in all my posts – so that you can see what products are really worth it.  Trust me! I am the queen of budgets. All of the products below I own or have personally tried and want to share my goodies with you because 10 months of pregnancy can really weigh on you especially if your husband is gone. Seven of the items are under $20 (I did put two items over $20 for a total of 9 items, but I believe you will agree with me that they are worth […]

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