Why It’s Absolutely Fine to Stalk Your Movers

Stalking your movers

Why I Stalk the Government Movers There are opposing views to this idea, and that is okay! Some feel the need to stay out of the movers way and let them do their job.  But the other group feel compelled to be more “involved,” and that is perfectly okay.  After all, the stuff in your home is your stuff – everything you have worked for or been gifted.  You are placing that in someone else’s hands. Let me give you some examples: When we filed an insurance claim after a hurricane hit our home – I made sure my roofer and I were there to ensure that he saw everything.  When my father was having his house built, he went every week to see the work site.  As a teacher, I welcomed parents in to see my method of teaching – it is their child. There is oversight in many […]

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5 Incredible Tips For Your Next DITY Move

5 Tips for a DITY Move

Seven years into the Coast Guard as a significant other/spouse and I was on PCS #3.  Already knowing we had acquired more than our allotted weight amount, I had the brilliant idea of doing a DITY (Do It Yourself) move.  Ha! For any of you that have done a DITY move, you either find the positives, or you hate it and choose to not do it again. Okay, Kelsey – so what is your story?  My mother had moved in with us – yes, how lucky of my husband.  So we got all the wonderful antique pieces that better be wrapped beyond wrapped to ensure no damage comes to it, and her 10 year-old dog.   Let me paint this full picture for you. We were going to move 3 adults, 1 toddler, 2 dogs, 2 vehicles, and yes, the truck.  No, it gets better. Which leads into my 5 incredibly […]

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