Making Successful Moves with Pets

Helpful Tips for Moving with Pets

I volunteer at an animal shelter and a frequent reason for owners surrendering their animals is they are moving, and they feel it is too difficult to take their pets.  We always took our pets with us when we moved, so I needed help understanding the problem. So, I asked a group of military wives to assist me to determine if a “How To” article would help or if moving is an excuse to not have a pet. Most thought it was an excuse, but there were some valid points made for not taking pets on a move.  Below I provide I tips on how to move with an animal.  I would like to extend a thank you to the Kings Bay Military Wives Group on Facebook for helping me with this article.  We have made many moves with pets, so I thought I would share how we did it. […]

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Travel Essentials

Essentials for Your Next Trip

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  I love exploring new cities and what they have to offer.  Packing, on the other hand, is one of those tasks that I always wait until the last minute to do.  I have to pack my husband, myself, and my daughter (not how I envision a fun afternoon – laundry and mental checklists).  You would think I would have a system by now for packing – perhaps, I will create a visual checklist. Any who, as a daughter of an airline pilot, I have been fortunate enough to visit multiple cities (not only as a moving spouse – but actually enjoy visiting).  I have learned the ins and outs of airline travel and want to bring some of my best tips that I use for my family to yours. *This post may contain affiliate links – if you purchase something from […]

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